General Terms & Conditions



Perry road down there (Management) referred to as the Perry-Road Platform (Games, Websites and Publish bodies) will be referred to within the scope. Perry road game and the membership terms and conditions of use and all applicable laws using the Services, you agree to abide by the regulations, do not agree to these terms and conditions of use under Perry unable to road platform.


2.1 Perry road constitutes all kinds of factors serve to prevent the crime of servers. This and Perry road legal action against persons who initiate action such as this is completely right reserved.

2.2 Games inside on our forums or social media, all legal obligations that may arise from statements or insults against the law to be made by the Party covers the responsibility of the person.

2.3 You have taken in-game product sales through our site does not mean you will not get your products penalty. You have taken or may take the product does not mean violation of the rules.

2.4 The game inside, forums and other social media are prohibited from making any game or site promotion on our bodies.

2.5 Perry road management and account theft probable characters will be no intervention, and will not give you back your character. (Otherwise, the presentation of evidence to prove management with pharmaceutically exception when formed).

2.6 It is your responsibility to fill your membership information correctly during membership. If you forget your password, your username that you have provided during registration, character name and gizlisor (also secretansw) u Your Support / Support to tell our team condition with password recovery / renewal process, you have the right to make.

2.7 Sentenced to defraud the people against possible fraud within the game, the game is at the discretion of the manager and not necessarily be punished. But Perry road found in the act of fraud or indirectly involved in those actions person / person can delete the player's account under its own initiative.

2.8 All kinds of game management to mislead the complaint, the bug report will be subjected to criminal false pretenses.

2.9 Perry-Road product sales are made only from the official product sales site that or address.

2.10 Perry-Road No information published outside the official sites, advertising campaigns and does not concern the announcement Perry road management and can not be declared to be true.

2.11 Perry road team support / support address consists of address. Perry road management losses that may arise from possible fraudulent e-mail will not ask you for your password can not be claimed as Perry road.

2.12 Games official forum within which we address in the face of a possible case communication is the official organ of the complaint you make via forums, notice, request, suggestion and so on. statements by the management if you turn in the right category examined from 1 to 7 days will get back to you. Perry-Road'n to examine issues and initiatives is the answer.

2.13 in Perry road game, the official journal and forum sites Perry road to a player or person to be punished by the government at any hour, day, month and year may impose a fine time with their initiative.

2.14 Perry-Road all the materials can be changed if they beg previously announced by making announcements or new materials to be provided to the management contract.

2.15 Perry can increase values on road management platform, can reduce or erase the Perry-Road is to keep secret the right change.

2.16 All players who play Perry-Road will be deemed to have accepted this agreement, deemed to have been accepted as stated across all deprivation that may result from failure to read these agreements to accept Perry road management agents have been read, it will not consider your no claim valid.

3.Transmission and Correspondence ( GLOBAL CHAT )

3.1 game management in domestic Guild will not punish blasphemy. In such cases, you should contact your guild president. Guild is an autonomous management.

3.2 profanity will not punish in private messages with game management, in such cases, you can prevent the Player using chatblock message at the bottom.

3.3 Juvenile talk: Argo (man, goddamn, Uley, my son, my coach and so on) to use words to respond in the same situation to use the word in this way; and lack of courtesy is not allowed to speak brusquely. Penalty: 2-4 day ban.

3.4 Global Chat Using TOTALLY BIG (WTB-WST-WTT) external, large and small (AbCdE) write letters, it not allowed Penalty: 1 day ban.

3.5 Language, religion, particularly racial discrimination, the speeches made for the purpose of all forms of discrimination, including ethnic debates, discourses and statements are subject to the penalty.

3.6 Another person or Perry-Road curse the government is forbidden to use insulting and offensive words. Punishment: It is forbidden to enter the game with 1-2 days.

3.7 Perry-road platform of account sharing or purchase request (purchase on request) are strictly forbidden to take the ban is a violation if the account can be closed or deleted.


4.1 Bug using in-game is prohibited. Using players, and players who will be punished bug information to management although.

4.2 Perry road game platform servers strain (LAG) creation is completely forbidden and illegal, is written as extra software will delete the accounts of players determined to prove and will never be found during the return request. (MBot) is kept external.


5.1 Some of the ads may be served by Google. DART cookie Google \ 's use based on their visit to our site, and other users on the Internet site provides advertising services. DART "non-personal information" uses and the Google ad and content network privacy by visiting the disable the use of the DART cookie so your name, email address, personal information about you as a physical address, parts NOT privacy_ads.html


6.1 Perry-Road Platform users forum / website / including the game has the power to open three accounts (those rights limitation die to be exit for Management and designers, the need testing and those rights Perry-Road team for repairs and maintenance in the target progress of the game to reserve is kept.)


7.1 Perry road is no refund request on the platform, but errors may occur and the obligation Perry road not send the demand responsibility in the platform, adding to .Perry road platform payments only PAYPAL, WesternUnion and as we were out PAYGOL (validation) Validation in principle (1-5 min, max 10-12 hours) of the product you have purchased for that period of 'pay' is the envelope from time someone clicks. Your account of your product, we recommend you to be patient and wait to be transferred precisely. Payments are approved to be seen in your account game of the products for you buy .if highest 12 'time passes the amount you pay to buy PAYPAL, WesternUnion or out of your own account (payback) refund can use with your request, you deserve your most natural Online Payment Policies in on your right.